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Greek court hears appeal against airports deal, including Chania airport
08 January  2016  ekathimerini
The Council of State on Friday began hearing an appeal by a collection of
groups against the privatization of Greece’s regional airports.

The government recently signed a deal with German firm Fraport for the
40-year-lease of 14 airports around Greece but the municipalities affected,
bar associations, Civil Aviation Authority employees and others have
appealed against the decision, claiming it is unconstitutional.

Fraport is due to invest more than 1.4 billion euros during the period of the lease but activists claim that the
agreement is detrimental to the Greek economy.
City of Athens seeking out location for cremation services
05 January 2016  
The Municipality of Athens has formally announced that it is seeking out a suitable area for rent or purchase
within Attica in order to establish a crematorium.

According to the post on the city website, the area in question must be between 2,000 to 4,000 square meters and
within the limits of Attica. Any interested parties must contact municipal service in writing by the 24th of January.

Reactions from the Church and other religious groups have so far prevented local authorities in Greece from setting
up the necessary facilities to carry out cremation services.
Winter Sales begin on Monday 11th January
10 January 2016
The winter sales will begin on Monday, January 11 and will last until  Monday, February 29, 2016.

Mid-season sales will run from Tuesday, May 3 to Wednesday, May 10  and Tuesday, November 1 to Thursday,
November 10.

According to the law, stores can remain open the following Sundays:
January 17, April 24, May 8, July 17, November 6, December 11 and December 18.
Private sector workers to go on strike on Feb 4
15 January 2016  ekathimerini
Greece’s biggest private sector union, GSEE, decided on Friday to call a
24-hour strike for Thursday, February 4, in protest at government
reforms and particularly a contentious overhaul of the social security

Meeting in Athens, GSEE’s executive committee decided to ramp up the
pressure against the government’s proposal and to join forces with other
unions opposed to the reforms, including the country's umbrella union
for the public sector, ADEDY.

In an announcement, the committee accused the government of turning “a social issue into a fiscal issue” and of
“pitting one group of workers against the others and pensioners against each other.”

Farmers, meanwhile, were also on the protest trail on Friday, staging rallies in several parts of the country.
Financial prosecutors call depositors named on Swiss bank list
14 January 2016 ekathimerini

Financial prosecutors have begun summoning Greeks with deposits in Switzerland, whose names are on a list
recently supplied by German authorities, to explain where they got their money from and if they have paid the
necessary tax.

The first 20 notifications have been sent out, a source said, and judicial authorities plan to send another 20 to 30
per day so that around half of the depositors on the list will have been questioned by the end of February.

The western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia handed the Greek Finance Ministry in December more than
10,000 data sets on accounts held by Greeks in Switzerland, mostly at UBS. The total amount of deposits is
estimated at close to 4 billion euros.

Sources said the list contains the names of businessmen, entertainers and priests, among others.
Baby found dead on Greece migrant boat
15 January 2016  AP via ekathimerini
Greek authorities say a baby has been found dead after a boat full of migrants reached the small eastern Aegean
Sea island of Farmakonissi, while 63 people were picked up alive.

The incident raises to four the number of deaths that Greek authorities recorded Friday, as migrants continue to
make the short but dangerous sea crossing from nearby Turkey to Greeces Aegean islands despite the winter

Earlier, three children drowned and 20 people were rescued when another boat carrying migrants foundered off the
islet of Agathonissi.

Greece is the European Union’s busiest entry point for asylum-seekers. About 850,000 people entered the country
last year, nearly all by sea, many fleeing the war in Syria.
Three people arrested by the Police for the double murder at Sfinari, Kissamos
21 January 2016
It seems that the Police may have found the people behind the double murder of a 78 year old man and a 66 year
old woman, at Sfinari, Kissamos, almost a year ago (see

According to information, three people have been arrested by the Police, and the investigation is ongoing.

The elderly couple were found dead by their son, on February 17, 2015.

Police officially announced that those responsible for the double murder are the 47 year old son of the couple and
two more men (aged 49 and 34).
Three earthquakes measured 4.7R, south of Crete
21 January 2016  via

Three earthquakes measured 4.7R south of Crete on
Thursday morning.

The epicenter of the three quakes was southeast
of Gavdos island at a depth of 66km.

All quakes happened within three minutes, from
11.22 a.m. to 11.24 a.m.
Seamen decide on additional two-day strike next week, January 27 & 28
21 January 2016  via ekathimerini
The union representing Greek seamen, PNO, on Thursday decided on fresh strike action for January 27 and 28, on
top of a two-day strike that ended on the same day.

The union is protesting the government’s planned pension reform, which will affect the seamen’s social security

The strike will begin at 6 a.m. on January 27 and end at 6 a.m. on January 29, meaning there will be no ferry boat
services to and from the islands.

Also on Thursday, the 14 unions that comprise PNO agreed to join a general strike on February 4.
At least 44 migrants dead as boats sink on way to Greece
22 January 2016  AP via ekathimerini
At least 44 people including 20 children have died after their boats
sank on their way from Turkey to Greece on Friday, with dozens of
other migrants reported missing, coastguard officials in Greece and
Turkey said.

The Greek coastguard said they had rescued 74 people after two
boats ran into trouble off the Greek Aegean islands of Farmakonisi
and Kalolimnos in the early hours.

They recovered the bodies of 17 children, 17 women and 10 men. A search operation, backed by a helicopter from
EU border agency Frontex, was under way for dozens of people still missing from the boat that capsized off

Separately, the Turkish coastguard said they had found the bodies of three children on Friday after a third boat
sank near the seaside resort of Didim, the Dogan news agency reported.
Seaplanes to fly over the Ionian Sea in the summer
6 January 2016
The Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Ministry and the Shipping and Island Policy Ministry in cooperation
with the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund ((HRADF) are planning to grant licences for the construction of
waterways on the islands of Paxoi, Zakynthos, Cephalonia and Lefkada as well as in Patras with the view to creating
the first network of waterways in Greece.

According to AMNA the first waterway in Greece will operate at the port of Corfu. Procedures for the licencing of
another 50 waterways are underway.
Greek Minister Mouzalas told BBC: Belgium MP said ‘push migrants back to sea’
28 January 2016

Greek Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas told BBC that Belgium told him to “push migrants back in the sea”.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight’s Evan Davis he talked about what will happen next to the Schengen Agreement – and
what the European Union can do to help resolve the migrant crisis.

Asked on the issue, Mr. Mouzalas said that Belgium told Greece: “Go against the law!We are afraid! We don’t care if
they are drowned” adding that “hopefully no other minister accepted it”.

Regarding the refugee camps, he said that “the only time in history where there were camps for 400,000 prisoners
was the Nazi period. And refugees are not prisoners, they have rights”.