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German historian pleasantly surprised by acquittal by Crete court
11 February 2016 ekathimerini
German historian Heinz Richter on Wednesday expressed surprise after being acquitted by a court in Rethymno,
Crete, of charges that his 2013 book “Operation Mercury: The Invasion of Crete” denied Nazi war crimes and
defamed the Cretan people.

“I still can’t believe it entirely,” Richter told Kathimerini a few hours after hearing the news of the verdict, which he
was unable to attend due to health reasons.

Fifteen months after a Cretan prosecutor filed the country’s first case under recent anti-racism legislation against
the writer, the court ruled that the case not only lacked merit, but also that the article of the law that was cited is
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Protesting farmers drive tractors through Athens
12 February 2016 ekathimerini

More than a dozen tractors rolled through Athens on Friday, honking
horns and flashing lights outside parliament as thousands of Greek
farmers thronged the capital's main Syntagma Square to protest tax
hikes and pension reforms.

The two-day protest kicked off Friday morning with clashes between
riot police and Cretan farmers wielding shepherd's staffs that left 10
policemen slightly injured and smashed windows at the agriculture

Music blared from loudspeakers and protesters braving rain lit a bonfire near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at
the foot of parliament, while about 20 tractors parked nearby. Tents were set up in the adjacent central Syntagma
Square in preparation for an all-night sit-in.
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Kos aiming for referendum on hosting hot spot
9 February 2016 ekathimerini
The municipal council on Kos, where some residents have strongly opposed efforts to construct a processing center
for migrants and refugees, on Tuesday decided to hold a referendum on the island to canvass locals’ opinions
about the so-called hot spot.

“Since government officials and the local MP believe that the majority of citizens on Kos are in favor of the hot spot, I
have given instructions to the municipality’s general director to explore the options for holding a local referendum
immediately so the people can decide if they are for or against the hot spot that is in the process of being
constructed,” said Mayor Giorgos Kyritsis.
SETE: Over-taxation Limiting Greece Tourism Potential
26 February 2016

Greek tourism enterprises are deeply concerned about the future,
despite three consecutive record years in tourism numbers, according
to the president of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), Andreas

“Today we are at a turning point. Tourism is facing the extreme pressure
created by unprecedented conditions under which Greek entrepreneur-
-ship lies”, he said while delivering a speech at the General Meeting of the
Bank of Greece on Thursday.

According to Mr. Andreadis, some 40 percent of the country’s tourism enterprises are currently facing serious
sustainability issues, mainly due to over-taxation. Meanwhile, the sharing economy and illegal accommodation
practices amount to some 250 million euros in lost income.  “This is because the government has yet to ensure a
fair framework and fiscal symmetry with respect to hotels and lodges”, he said.
Commission warns of humanitarian crisis as emergency measures prepared
28 February 2016 ekathimerini

Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos has warned of an imminent humanitarian crisis in Greece unless
“all sides assume their responsibilities” in the coming days, as both the European Union and Athens hammered out
emergency measures.

“There is no point in playing the blame game any more. We simply have to do everything possible to control the
situation,” Avramopoulos said in an interview with Kathimerini’s Sunday edition, pointing at the conclusions
reached at last week’s EU meeting of interior ministers.

The Greek official called for the implementation of a deal signed between Brussels and Ankara in November to slow
the migrant flow; he urged EU states to fulfill pledges to accept asylum-seekers for relocation; and condemned
“unilateral actions” taken by several countries, such as the introduction of border controls and Vienna’s cap on
asylum seeker numbers.
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Greece seen as safe and good value holiday option, finds research
18 February 2016 Travel Weekly

Greece is perceived to be a safe, value for money destination for
holidaymakers this year, latest research shows.

Up to 45% of respondents admitted that the refugee situation was an
issue for them as far as Greece is concerned.But the negative impact
appears relatively greater for France and only marginally lower for Croatia.

More than a third of those surveyed in the UK, Germany and US said they
would like to visit Greece this year, with up to 80% saying that they considered the country a safe holiday

Almost half of British respondents and 40% of Germans said they thought that Greece was better value than Spain,
Italy and France.
Minoan Group has received “verbal confirmation” of Crete project
25 February 2016 Alliance News via

Minoan Group PLC on Wednesday said it has received “verbal confirmation” that it has received the necessary
signatures for Greek government approval of its resort project on the island of Crete, though it hasn’t received formal
confirmation yet.

The company said there have been reports in Greek travel media that the remaining signatures for approval have
been delivered.

“The importance of the Presidential Decree cannot be overstated. If the rumours and the verbal confirmation are
indeed correct, then I am delighted that after such an extended time we now have the signatures of every required
member of the government. We are grateful for the hard work of various government ministers and our advisers,
particularly at this time when Greece is grappling with many major issues,” Christopher Egleton said.

Shares in Minoan were up 447% at 9.16 pence on Wednesday following the announcement.
Chania Helps Refugees
Residents of Crete support the refugees in the
Aegean Islands and mainland Greece.
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Family tragedy in Chania. Man kills wife and injures son.
5 March 2016
Family tragedy in Pano Stalos on Saturday afternoon. A 61 year old man killed his 48 year old wife and injured his
21 year old son.

The incident occurred at 1.30 p.m. in the yard of their house, when the husband shot  his wife three times. The
woman died instantly and the young man was immediately transferred to the General Hospital of Chania in critical

According to information, the couple had a verbal confrontation…

The 61 year old man was arrested by the Police.
Forest of Selouda in Sfakia in flames
2 March, 2016
A region of infinite beauty is engulfed in flames.
This is the forest in the Agios Pavlos area in Sfakia, at the location
of Selouda near Agia Roumeli.

The vegetation in the area is forest and at this moment it is
burning. Unfortunately, this is a virgin forest to which there is no access.

Also aggravating is the fact that strong winds help the flames to
follow an upward path and easily continue their destructive work.

From the beginning there is concern precisely because there is no way to access the site. It is burning at two
places, which are far apart.
From (with more photos): ... i-prosbash
Tsipras contacts Greek leaders, Lagarde after WikiLeaks publication
3rd April 2016 ekathimerini
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was due to write to International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine
Lagarde over the weekend after an alleged conversation between two of the organization’s senior officials
discussing the Greek bailout was leaked.

WikiLeaks published on Saturday the alleged transcript of an exchange Poul Thomsen, the head of the IMF’s
European department, and Delia Velculescu, the IMF mission chief in Greece, in which the two officials discussed
the impasse in the bailout review and their concerns about how it could be concluded.

According to the WikiLeaks transcript, the two IMF officials discuss the need for an “event” that would force the
Europeans to accept the IMF’s position, which includes a lower primary surplus target and debt relief, so the bailout
review can be concluded.

Greek government officials interpreted this as the IMF encouraging a Greek “credit event” or default. Government
spokeswoman Olga Gerovasili said Tsipras would ask Lagarde for an explanation as to whether the content of the
conversation represented the IMF’s official position
Greek Museums and Archaeological Sites Hike Prices
2nd April 2016

The Greek Ministry of Culture has announced a series of ticket price
hikes for sites and museums from April 1st 2016.  
On Crete the new prices are Knossos Archaeological  Site now 15 euros
(from 6 euros), Heraklion Archaeological Museum 10 euros (from
6 euros).
Meanwhile in Athens, entrance to the Acropolis has risen to 20 euros
(from 12 euros).

It is worth noting that entrance fees to Greece's sites and museums have not been raised since 2010/2011.
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Tree falls and kills driver in Chania.
23 March 2016 ekathimerini

Man dies in Chania on Wednesday morning after a large tree fell on his vehicle during a strong wind storm which
battered much of the island.

The incident occurred around 11 a.m. on Wednesday. The 64-year-old man, whose name has not been made
public, was travelling on Souda Avenue when a large Eucalyptus tree came down and fell onto his van.

The man’s death was confirmed by EKAV emergency medical assistance.