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Samaras: British Museum's 'loaning' of Marbles' statue to Russia
'an affront'
06 December 2014 ekathimerini
Responding to the British Museum's initiative to send one of the
Parthenon Marbles statues  to Russia on a loan, Prime Minister
Antonis  Samaras  said on Friday that the decision "was an affront
to the Greek people."
"The British dogma according to which the  Parthenon Marbles
are immovable is no longer applicable," Samaras said, noting that
the argument had  been contested in the  past by the construction
of Athens' Acropolis  Museum in response to British authorities'  
claim that the Greeks' have no acceptable venue for hosting  the Marbles.
The premier concluded his statement by saying that, "the Parthenon and its  sculptures were looted" and that
the sculptures' value was "inestimable."

The sculpture of the Greek river god Ilissos, a reclining male figure, is to be displayed in Russia's State
Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg from Saturday until January 18 to celebrate the museum's 250th
Fighter pilots safe after jet goes down off Crete
5 December 2014 ekathimerini

Two fighter pilots of the Hellenic Air Force were reported as being
safe and well  on Thursday after their jet went down off the
southern coast of Crete earlier in the day.
The pilots, who were flying the F16 jet as part of an
educational exercise, ejected from the craft before it
nosedived into the sea. They were rescued shortly after.
The accident is believed to have been cased by a mechanical
Possible Hotel & Accommodation VAT Increase in Greece Sparks Reactions
5 December 2014 GTP Travel News

Greek tourism professionals are up in arms over the government’s intention to
increase the Value Added Tax (VAT) rate for hotel accommodation from 6.5
percent at present to 13 percent.

According to the professionals, such a move would be destructive and harmful
for both tourism and the state. The news has caused a number of reactions from
Greek tourism bodies, hotel associations and business organizations.

Local reaction from Hania: “A possible VAT increase for hotels from 6.5 to 13 percent is unacceptable and
dangerous. This increase will create a number of negative effects on business, the economy and
employment. The future of the country is being compromised as the industry that has contributed greatly
during the crisis is being shot in the legs.”
The Hania hotel association also underlined the unfairness in regards to the special tax status of some
Greek islands.
“We expect an end to the differentiation of the VAT rate in accordance to the locations of destinations in
Greece. It is unacceptable that a hotel on the Aegean islands such as Rhodes, Kos and Mykonos pays an
almost 26 percent lower VAT rate than a hotel in Chania and on Crete in general. This differentiation has
led to unfair competition and also acts as a barrier to tourism investment in Crete.”
Commemoration of the victims of the sinking of the SS "Heraklion"
08 December 2014 Haniotika Nea

Relatives, friends and survivors of the greatest modern naval
tragedy that plunged Chania into mourning 48 years ago,
when the ship 'Heraklion'  was wrecked at Falkonera, gathered for
this year's memorial service in Talos Square, at the Hand

It was December 8, 1966 when the SS Heraklion ,  of the shipping
company Tipaldou, had departed from Chania to Piraeus.
In gale force winds, and after the overthrow of a truck in the garage deck, the ship sent out distress signals.
The ship sank with the loss of, according to official figures 246 people, but is estimated that the actual
number was much higher.

From the wreck  only 45 people survived, after being in the water awaiting rescue for many hours.

Today's commemorative event was attended, by among others, the mayor of Chania Tasos Vamvoukas and
representatives of ANEK shipping line.