The National Organisation for Healthcare Provision (EOPYY / PEDY ) is Greece’s state-owned
health insurer, providing health cover for IKA and OAEE since March 2012.

Reciprocal IKA Insurance for Health Care for EU Citizens

Electronic Health Cards
The electronic European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) provides health insurance abroad for
visitors and travellers within the EU.  You can apply for a card online at or
at your local post office in the UK.
When you need to see a doctor or dentist in Greece just go along to a local IKA office (The
Social Insurance Foundation) with your EHIC card to make an appointment. You can see an
IKA / EOPYY registered GP or specialist free of charge, and IKA prescriptions may be issued by
Officially the health card is only valid for short term visitors and travellers who are normally
resident in another EU country.

UK Pensioners
Pensioners who intend to take up residence in Greece and who are entitled to free medical
treatment in the United Kingdom or other EU country,  also enjoy a similar entitlement in
Greece.  They should produce to their local IKA office form S1 (previously E121) which is issued
by their local Department of Health Office in the United Kingdom, along with the required
documents listed below
* and they will be issued with an IKA health book.

UK Unemployed
A person coming to look for work in Greece, who was unemployed in the UK or other EU
country, is entitled to free medical treatment in Greece if he/she produces to their local IKA
office form S1.  In the UK this is also issued by the local Department of Health Office.  In both
the above cases IKA will exchange the form for a medical booklet. You will also need to take
along the documents listed below
Details on Umemployment Benefit for those who have worked and paid IKA contributions
in Greece

Those moving permanently to live or work in Crete, who do not fit into any of the above
categories, will NOT be eligible for Greek state health insurance cover.  (See changed rules
from 2014 NHS
aspx ).

This works within the EU framework as EU rules state that citizens of an EU county living in
another EU country have the same entitlement as citizens in the country they live. In Greece
there is no automatic entitlement to health insurance for all for its citizens.
Greece has a contributory health insurance scheme which is only available to working people.
Any citizens who do NOT work and pay contributions or do not receive a pension or who are
not registered as unemployed, do not receive free health insurance (although emergency
treatment at hospitals for those uninsured will be covered under a new regulation ( see
Minister instructs hospitals to treat uninsured patients Feb 2016).

For citizens of other EU countries you should check your entitlement with the national
health service of your home country

* Documents required for  IKA health book (Βιβλιάριο υγέιας) under the reciprocal
agreement for form Form S1.

  • form S1 ( old E121 & E119
  • photocopy of passport
  • you may also be asked to produce a residence certificate
  • tax number
  • 2 photographs
  • An AMKA number - see below

Check at your local IKA office on arrival in Greece for updates.



The Greek IKA health book is valid for 12 months at a time, between March 1st and
February 28th of the following year and should
be renewed /validated yearly at an IKA
office or KEP office.
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Living in Crete
IKA National Insurance
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AMKA (Αριθμος Μητρώου Κοινωνικής Ασφάλισης -  Social Security Number) is essentially the  Greek unified national insurance
number for those living in Greece -  employers, employees, pensioners plus dependant members of their families are required to
obtain one.

AMKA replaces the registration number Αριθμό Μητρώου (ΑΜ) previously issued by insurers to the insured persons and pensioners.
The 13 different National Insurance services of Greece (IKA, OAEE, TAXI, OGA etc) have until now all issued their own AM numbers.
AMKA  will unify the National Insurance numbers.


Non-Greek PENSIONERS and their dependants, and others receiving health cover via an S1 also each require an AMKA number.

According to information given by the AMKA Helpline, those Non-Greek citizens who are not registered in Greece's social security
system are NOT required to obtain AMKA (e.g. those who live in Greece part time but are still primarily registered in their home
country, or those who do not work and pay contributions in Greece and who have private medical insurance and do not yet qualify
for a pension and health cover in Greece.)

How to get an AMKA number
If you are unsure whether or not you already have an AMKA number you can also try checking online by filling in the form at   (although the form seems to have a few glitches).
There is also an AMKA helpline on telephone number 11131

Don't forget that even if you have an AMKA number yourself, you will still have to apply for a separate AMKA number for any
children and other dependants.

Go to your local KEP office (Citizens Advice) to apply for any AMKA number with the following documents for each family member:

1)Passport or Greek ID card.

2) Health book

"You may require a civil status document - 'πιστοποιητικό οικογενειακής κατάστασης'  officially translated into Greek, where the passport
or documents do not contain the required information for the inventory."
This from the AMKA website. Basically the extra information
they need is your father and mother's names. Showing a tax return, for example, with this information should suffice.

4)For dependent children - a copy of the πιστοποιητικού οικογενειακής κατάστασης or birth certificate.


An AMKA number will be issued at the KEP office and a card may subsequently be centrally issued and sent to your postal address.
NB in many cases people have not received the AMKA card - dont worry, the main thing is that you have a record of your number.

Working And Paying National Insurance (IKA) Contributions


If you are employed in Greece your employer should be making National Insurance contributions for you, usually IKA, although there
are others such as 'TAXI' for hotel employees -  the information here is with regards to IKA as this is the most common.

IKA contributions are expensive (around  30% of  your salary) and until fairly recently many employers have tended to exploit
workers by not paying their National Insurance. However the authorities are keen to stamp out this practice and the majority of
employers nowadays go by the book as they are not prepared to risk hefty fines.

Contributions should be made monthly by an employer. If you are employed full time you will have around 25 days 'stamps'
(contributions, days work) per month. IKA send statements (via your employer, for you) with your number of days IKA paid per 3
month period, in arrears. Your local IKA office also has a computer record or your stamps and you can ask for a print-out copy at any

Obtaining an IKA Health Book

A minimum of 50 days (previously 50 days, changed in 2011/2012 to 90 days, now changed backed to 50 days at March 1st 2012 -
keep up!) IKA payments are required to apply for an IKA health book, which entitles you to free medical care and reduced price

Once you have acquired 50 days 'stamps' you can obtain your IKA health book immediately by taking along your statements from IKA
showing your contributions (or a validation from your employer's accountant) together with 3 photos and your passport  to the IKA
office and one should be issued to you on the spot. The health book is valid yearly from March 1st to February 28th of the following
year, and must be renewed yearly in February.  You must have a minimum of 50 days IKA contributions in each year to renew the
health book for the following year.

Self Employed

National Insurance for the self employed  - OAEE

Self employed professionals and businesses are require to register with OAEE  - Οργανισμός Ασφαλίσης Ελευθερών Επαγγελμάτων -
the Insurance Organisation for Self Employed

Obtaining an OAEE Health Book
Application should be made at the local OAEE office, together with proof of the last 3 months insurance payments, photographs and
your passport or Greek ID card.

Don't fit in any of the above categories?

If you do not fit into any of the categories above, or if you are a non EU citizen and not covered by the reciprocal agreement, you will
need to pay for medical treatment in Greece. It's advisable that you take out private medical insurance for health cover in Greece.
Seasonal workers and others may wish to opt for extra cover such as medical transportation home in the event of an illness or
accident, or treatment in private medical centres in Crete. There are policies available for short term medical insurance, as well as
yearly policies, with various companies.
AMKA card
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Doctors Appointments

You can make an appointment for
any specialist doctor under the
EOPYY  scheme  by phoning
14900 the national appointments
phone lines (these lines replace the
184 phone number from 6 August
2012). Calls are charged at 0.99€ per
call to 14844 and 1.08€ per call to
14900, while calls from mobiles cost
per minute.  

Alternatively you can call any doctors'
surgery directly from the list at
(In Greek - you must choose the
'Nomos', city and type of specialist
required, from the drop-down list).
When calling a doctor's surgery from
the list to make an appointment
direct, state your insurance provider
(IKA, OAEE etc) when making the
appointment, in order not to be
charged for the consultation and

Prescriptions given under the EOPYY
scheme may be taken to any chemist
where you will be charged between
10% and 25% of the full cost.     

See also
Medical Treatment  and  
Doctors & Dentists