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Family tragedy in Chania. Man kills wife and injures son.
5 March 2016
Family tragedy in Pano Stalos on Saturday afternoon. A 61 year old man killed his 48 year old wife and injured his
21 year old son.

The incident occurred at 1.30 p.m. in the yard of their house, when the husband shot  his wife three times. The
woman died instantly and the young man was immediately transferred to the General Hospital of Chania in critical

According to information, the couple had a verbal confrontation…

The 61 year old man was arrested by the Police.
Strong winds fan Crete forest fire
14th June 2016  ekathimerini
Firemen on the island of Crete battled a blaze near the ruins of the
prehistoric palace of Knossos, close to the port city of Heraklion, on

It took a total of 24 firefighters and 11 fire engines to bring the fire,
which was fanned by strong winds, under partial control. The fire
service said the flames did not threaten residential areas or the
archaeological site.

Also on Monday, a fire broke out on forestland in the area of Akres, near Megara, west of Athens. A total of 70
firefighters and 25 fire engines were dispatched to douse the fire while six water-dropping planes and three
helicopters aided the rescue effort from the air.

Firefighters managed to keep the blaze away from nearby residential areas.
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Forest of Selouda in Sfakia in flames
2 March, 2016
A region of infinite beauty is engulfed in flames.
This is the forest in the Agios Pavlos area in Sfakia, at the location
of Selouda near Agia Roumeli.

The vegetation in the area is forest and at this moment it is
burning. Unfortunately, this is a virgin forest to which there is no access.

Also aggravating is the fact that strong winds help the flames to
follow an upward path and easily continue their destructive work.

From the beginning there is concern precisely because there is no way to access the site. It is burning at two
places, which are far apart.
From (with more photos): ... i-prosbash
Tsipras contacts Greek leaders, Lagarde after WikiLeaks publication
3rd April 2016 ekathimerini
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was due to write to International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine
Lagarde over the weekend after an alleged conversation between two of the organization’s senior officials
discussing the Greek bailout was leaked.

WikiLeaks published on Saturday the alleged transcript of an exchange Poul Thomsen, the head of the IMF’s
European department, and Delia Velculescu, the IMF mission chief in Greece, in which the two officials discussed
the impasse in the bailout review and their concerns about how it could be concluded.

According to the WikiLeaks transcript, the two IMF officials discuss the need for an “event” that would force the
Europeans to accept the IMF’s position, which includes a lower primary surplus target and debt relief, so the bailout
review can be concluded.

Greek government officials interpreted this as the IMF encouraging a Greek “credit event” or default. Government
spokeswoman Olga Gerovasili said Tsipras would ask Lagarde for an explanation as to whether the content of the
conversation represented the IMF’s official position
Greek Museums and Archaeological Sites Hike Prices
2nd April 2016

The Greek Ministry of Culture has announced a series of ticket price
hikes for sites and museums from April 1st 2016.  
On Crete the new prices are Knossos Archaeological  Site now 15 euros
(from 6 euros), Heraklion Archaeological Museum 10 euros (from
6 euros).
Meanwhile in Athens, entrance to the Acropolis has risen to 20 euros
(from 12 euros).

It is worth noting that entrance fees to Greece's sites and museums have not been raised since 2010/2011.
Read more - Crete museums and sites new ticket prices
Tree falls and kills driver in Chania.
23 March 2016 ekathimerini

Man dies in Chania on Wednesday morning after a large tree fell on his vehicle during a strong wind storm which
battered much of the island.

The incident occurred around 11 a.m. on Wednesday. The 64-year-old man, whose name has not been made
public, was travelling on Souda Avenue when a large Eucalyptus tree came down and fell onto his van.

The man’s death was confirmed by EKAV emergency medical assistance.
Man dies in paragliding accident in Varipetro, Chania
8th May 2016
A 25 year old man  died yesterday while paragliding at Varipetro,
Chania. The man a Swiss citizen of Greek descent was on a
paragliding holiday  in Crete with six of his friends. The accident
occurred when for reasons that are not yet clear fell in a ravine
from a considerable height.

His friends alerted the rescue services and gave the location of
the accident. Fire officers who  managed to reach the point of the
accident could only recover the body of the young man who
suffered extensive injuries from the fall and is believed to have
died instantly.
Baripetro is a popular paragliding location in Crete,  situated 7 km south of  Chania. The take off at an elevation of
150 m with a northern orientation is a few km outside the village.
Head-on collision on National Road leaves three dead
5th May 2016
Three people lost their lives this morning in a head-on collision between two cars  on the national road
The accident happened just before 8:00 this morning in Heraklion – Moires section of the road before the Athanatoi.
Two women 80 and 35 years of age and a 50 year old man who was driving the second vehicle had to be cut out of
their mangled cars. They were pronounced dead on the spot and their bodies were taken to the coroners mortuary
in Heraklion Hospital .
Traffic police are investigating the cause of the accident.
Services in Greece grind to a halt in strike over new austerity plan
7th May 2016
Via The Scotsman — Services were disrupted in Greece on Friday as workers walked off the job at the start of a
three-day general strike protesting over new bailout austerity measures they say will further reduce incomes.
On Thursday, unions called the 48-hour strike, which will add to a previously declared strike on Sunday. State-
run and many private services, including rubbish collection, public transport, municipal offices and news
broadcasts, were suspended.
Ferries to and from the Greek islands will not operate until Tuesday morning (10 May). Doctors, dentists and
journalists joined the strike, leaving state-run hospitals functioning with emergency staff and all news
broadcasts off the air.

The strike was timed to coincide with the parliamentary vote Sunday evening of a bill overhauling the pension
system, a reform proposed by the government under requirements for Greece’s third international bailout.
Anonymous attacks Greek central bank, warns others
4th May 2016 ekathimerini
Greece's central bank became the target of a cyber attack by activist hacking group Anonymous on Tuesday which
disrupted service of its web site, a Bank of Greece official said on Wednesday.

"The attack lasted for a few minutes and was successfully tackled by the bank's security systems. The only thing
that was affected by the denial-of-service attack was our web site," the official said, declining to be named.

"Olympus will fall. A few days ago we declared the revival of operation Icarus. Today we have continuously taken
down the website of the Bank of Greece," the group says in a video on You Tube.

"This marks the start of a 30-day campaign against central bank sites across the world." [Reuters]
Out of Service Ship at Piraeus Port sinking
26th April 2016
Ship was inactive due to financial problems

Expert divers and tug boats have managed to restore the leaning ship
and have partially balanced the keel, allowing mechanic to enter the
ruptured part of the hull and pump the water it had taken in.

The ‘Panagia Tinos’ ship, docked at the port of Piraeus started sinking
a little before noon, Tuesday. The ship, which is docked at pier E4 at
Piraeus port started taking on water and began leaning on its starboard side. Two tugboats of the coast guard are
currently operating on the scene. The ship was part of the ‘Ventouris Sea Lines’ fleet and had been seized due to
financial problems.     
 Video & more pictures here
Three Britons arrested for possession of cocaine in Heraklion
15th May 2016 /
Three men, all UK citizens on holiday in Crete,  were arrested in Hersonissos on Saturday morning and charged
with drugs offences.
Police announced that they made the arrests following an investigation by the Organised Crime Unit. A search in
the hotel room of the three suspects uncovered 112 grams of cocaine, retailing at around 80 euro a gram, 1100
euro and 525 GBP, and 110 grams of a fine white powder of an unspecified substance probably intended to bulk up
the drugs.

A preliminary investigation is being conducted by the local police and the three suspects will appear before the
Heraklion prosecutor on Monday.
Fresh bid to stop pollution from Sea Diamond wreck off Santorini
13th May 2016

A nine-member working group that will process and study economic
issues relating to the raising of the “Sea Diamond” cruise ship which
ran aground and sank in the Santorini caldera in 2007 was set up by
the relevant ministries on Friday.
The ship, which belonged Louis Cruise Lines, sank on April 5 2007,
after running aground off Santorini the previous day, leaving two
passengers missing and presumed dead.

The working group will also assist the municipal coast guard of Santorini during the raising, removal or
neutralization of the wreck, aiming to limit and avoid further sea pollution.
Could you be him? British police appeal in Greece for toddler
missing 25 years
10th May 2016 Reuters via

British police issued a renewed appeal in Greece on Tuesday for
information on Ben Needham, the toddler who went missing from
the Greek island of Kos 25 years ago, asking Greeks whether they
might be him.
The child was only 21 months old when he disappeared as he
played outside a farmhouse that his family was renovating.
Despite repeated appeals and hundreds of possible sightings,
the boy has never been found and few firm clues have emerged.

The hunt is one of Britain's longest-running missing-person inquiries.
"The question I would like people to ask themselves is: could you be Ben?" said detective inspector Jon Cousins,
the lead UK investigator.
"As a child, did you have blonde hair and blue eyes? Do you have doubts over who your parents are, or perhaps you
look physically different to your parents? ... If you have any of these doubts, please call us," he said.
Officers from South Yorkshire Police travelled to Kos in a revived bid for information. They have asked locals to help
with information about a call received by the British Missing People Charity in 1993 stating that Ben was living in
Greece under the name Andreas, and was being cared for by a man called Nicos.
Police said those names have since been repeated by others and officers were keen to speak to anyone with
information about this.
Tax hike for 485,000 property owners
27th May 2016

More than 485,000 property owners will have to pay more tax on their assets this year, while 6,784 will have to to
pay an extra 22,432 euros each, according to the analysts of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV).
Additional revenues for the state from the increase in the so-called supplementary tax are estimated at 566.6
million euros.The recent hikes in the supplementary tax (concerning property owners whose assets total over
200,000 euros in nominal  value), are leading to the overtaxation of owners during a period when the real estate
market is suffering and most properties are not producing any returns owing to the deep recession of the Greek

Data processed by SEV showed that 363,456 property owners will have to pay an additional 40 euros this year
compared to 2015. Another 88,446 owners will pay an extra 1,589 euros each, 26,013 will pay an additional 7,430
euros, 6,784 owners will face an extra payment of 22,432 euros and 660 owners will pay 61,626 euros on top of
what they paid last year.
Greece earns third place worldwide in Blue Flag certification – including
102 Cretan beaches
27th May 2016

The European Environment Agency announced that the Greece won  430
Blue Flag  awards for beaches and 9 for marinas and  was ranked third
worldwide for 2016 (after Spain with 588 Blue Flag beaches and  Turkey
with 444 Blue Flag beaches) in terms of Blue Flag certification,
The agency’s annual report also evaluates the quality of the sea water.
Greece has earned fourth place in Europe with regard to the quality of its
bathing waters for this year, according to data published by the European
Environment Agency on Tuesday. The report noted that 97.2 percent of
areas inspected were deemed to be outstanding.

Over 1,500 bathing areas, including beaches, lakes and rivers, were inspected last year, out of which 1,499 were
defined as top quality spots for swimming, the report said.

Of  the 430 Greek beaches that were awarded the Blue Flag , 102 are in  Crete with Lasithi topping the number of
Cretan awards. See the list of Crete beaches
Migrant boat which sank off Crete set sail from Egypt: survivors
5th June 2016  Reuters
Migrants who survived a shipwreck on Friday off the island of Crete in the southern Mediterranean have told
authorities their boat set sail from Egypt and carried about 350 people, the Greek coastguard said on Saturday.

On Friday, Greek authorities said 340 people were rescued and nine bodies were recovered about 75 nautical
miles off southern Crete, in territory which falls under Egypt's search and rescue jurisdiction.

State broadcaster ERT carried unsourced accounts the vessel was carrying anything between 500 and 700 people.
Crete commemorates the heroes of 1941
As Kazantzakis once said, "it is a great responsibility to be a Cretan"
3rd June 2016
the community as a whole pays homage to the bravery and suffering
of the past in the commemorations held throughout the Island this

They range from the imposing military memorials that mark the locations
where battles occurred or where soldiers, sailors and airmen fought and
fell defending the Island. And they are reflected in the many village
memorials to the thousands who were brutally murdered by the occupiers.

I began my pilgrimage by travelling south across the centre of Crete to the little south coast village of Sfakia. It was
along this winding road and its surrounding mountain tracks, that thousands of Allied soldiers trudged, avoiding
the ever-present air attacks, on their way to seek embarkation to Egypt.
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Two tourists die in separate incidents in Crete
18th June 2016  ekathimerini
Two tourists lost their lives in two separate incidents on the island of Crete, local authorities said Friday.One, a
63-year-old French national, died on Thursday after the car he was driving fell into the sea at the small port of

On the same day, a Russian man was found dead in Agia Roumeli in the region of Sfakia. Authorities are waiting
for the results of an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death.
Greece could lift capital controls by end of year, says bank association head
19th June 2016  Reuters
Greece could lift most or all capital controls imposed at the height of the eurozone crisis by the end of the year, the
head of the country's banking association said on Saturday.

The controls, which restricted the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from banks to 420 euros a week, were
imposed last June to halt a flight of deposits that threatened to wreck the banking system as Greece was embroiled
in acrimonious bailout talks with its international lenders.

“Personally, I believe that the biggest part of the restrictions, if not all of them, can be lifted this autumn and
towards the end of the year,” Louka Katseli, who also chairs National Bank, Greece's second biggest lender,  told
Greek state TV.

Katseli said one of the conditions for this to happen had already been met after Greece succesfully concluded a first
review of its bailout reforms this month, helping to restore investor confidence in the country.

The next immediate step would be for the ECB to give Greek banks access to cheap funding by accepting Greek
bonds as collateral, she said.

Katseli said that two remaining conditions for fully removing capital controls - an effective management of a loan of
non-performing loans and a return of deposits to Greek banks - were not easy to achieve.

“A return in deposits is the most difficult part, meaning it will take time, because people are still wary,” Katseli said.