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July  - October 2017
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New earthquake in Crete
17 July 2017

A magnitude of 5.3 earthquake was felt all over Crete, Greece yesterday at 11:30
p.m. local time (2030 GMT) according to Greece’s Institute of Geodynamics.

No casualties or damages have been reported, however, three aftershocks, each
of a magnitude of 3.5, have occurred within half an hour of the main quake and a
minor earthquake of 4.1.

The epicenter was off the southern coast of Crete, at a depth of 10 kilometers (6.2
miles), near the coastal town of Ierapetra and about 60 kilometers (37 miles)
southeast of the island’s largest city, Heraklion.
British tourist who fell in a coma after inhaling laughing gas had meningitis
18th July 2017 Apokoronas News

The 18 year old British girl who was taken to the hospital unconscious after
inhaling laughing gas was airlifted to Britain from Heraklion on Monday for further
treatment without recovering consciousness.

Heraklion university Hospital issued a statement saying that the condition of the girl
who suffered brain damage was due to a bacterial meningitis infection and

The girl according to the statement was treated for meningococcal septicemia from
the moment she was admitted to the hospital and the Centre for Control and
Prevention of Contagious Diseases   (ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ) was notified.
All the necessary measures were taken and everyone who came to close contact
with the patient was notified and treated.n
Tragedy in Crete as Elderly Father Kills Son - Mistaken for Burglar
10 July 2017
A 55-year-old man died after he was shot by his elderly father who mistook him as
a burglar ready to break into his home.
The tragic incident happened on Saturday afternoon, at the village of Agioi
Theodoroi, near the town of Paliochora in Crete.
According to local press reports, the victim went to visit his 86-year-old father who
was living alone. He knocked on the door a number of times with no reply.
Concerned about his father he tried to forcibly enter. The elderly man shot and
killed him mistaking him for a burglar.

Police officers rushed to the scene but the gunman barricaded into the house and
refused to give himself up. After negotiations failed, police forces stormed the
house and arrested the elderly gunman in the early hours of Sunday morning. He
was rushed to the Chania Hospital in bad psychological condition where he is
currently recovering under police guard.
Man critical after being hit by stray bullet in Cretan celebration
15th July 2017 Apokoronas News

Kathimerini — A 45-year-old man was in the intensive care unit of the Heraklion
University Hospital  on Friday after being hit in the chest by a stray bullet during an
outdoor event in a village in the area of Acharnon-Asterousion, Heraklion.

Police made two arrests following the incident and are  seeking to determine the
exact circumstances of the man’s injury.

Last month an 11-year-old boy died after being struck by a stray bullet in Menidi,
northwestern Attica, during an outdoor school celebration with other children. The
gun was fired during a party at a nearby Roma settlement.
Probe launched into deadly accident that left two dead on Crete
18th August 2017 ekathimerini

A magistrate on Crete Friday gave a 20-year-old motorist who killed two
pedestrians on Thursday when he hit them with his car an extension until Monday
to prepare his defense.

The Georgian national hit a 20-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man while they
were walking along a road near the Technical University of Crete in Hania.

After the incident, the university issued a statement calling for the streets near the
school to be made safer for pedestrians.
Hospitals say blood shortages will delay operations
18th August 2017 ekathimerini

Shortages of blood have intensified over the summer, sources say, with some
hospitals finding themselves obliged to postpone scheduled operations.

Evangelismos, the capital’s largest hospital, is a case in point. According to the
head of the workers’ union, Ilias Sioras, the situation at Evangelismos is critical.

“There are 30 operations planned for the next two to three days but, based on the
current data from the blood bank, the available units of blood are not enough for
even half of those operations,” he said.

Every summer blood donations drop in Greece, which continues to lag its
European Union counterparts in this area.
Couple on Crete drown trying to save their childrens
16th August 2017 ekathimerini

A local man and a woman, both aged 35, died after trying to save two of their
children in rough seas off Crete on Tuesday night. According to local reports, the
couple had been camping with their four children at the beach in Geropotamo,

The parents disappeared after running into the sea when two of their children, a
boy and a girl, who had gone for a swim, started calling for help. The owner of a
nearby taverna managed to save the boy, while two other swimmers rescued the

Nearly an hour later, the man and woman were found unconscious by coast guard
officers who were unable to resuscitate them. The pair were taken to Rethymno
hospital where they were pronounced dead.
Rescue effort for tourists who found their own way to Apokoronas
15th August 2017 Apokoronas News

A French  couple who had alerted rescue services on Sunday that they were lost
near the E4 hiking trail in the Falasarna to Palaiochora section in the prefecture of
Chania, found their own way out to the coast and were taken back to Palaiochora.
From there they returned to  their hotel in Apokoronas on Sunday afternoon using
public transport.

However, the search for them,  involving a large number of emergency rescue
staff, continued through the night till  Monday morning when the couple eventually
notified the emergency services, thus wasting a great deal of resources that could
have been needed elsewhere.

As a result, local press reports,  the directorate  of regional rescue services is
considering the possibility of  introducing charges for certain kinds of  rescue
YXxamonakis  – Edited for Apokoronas News
Greece launches new offshore oil and gas tenders – South of Crete, Ionian
9th August 2017 Apokoronas News
Greece’s Energy Ministry  announced two international tenders for granting the
right to explore and exploit hydrocarbons  the south of Crete and in the Ionian Sea.

The announcements on 7 August followed  the applications submitted by the Total-
ExxonMobil-EL.PE. (Hellenic Petroleum) Consortium, interested in the sea areas  
southwest and west of Crete, and Energean Oil & Gas, for the sea area in Western
Greece in the Ionian Sea, Greece’s Energy Ministry said in a press release.

Greece’s Energy Minister Giorgos Stathakis has already signed the relevant
ministerial decisions. The Energy Ministry invites interested parties to submit
tenders within 90 days of the date of publication of the Notice of Invitation to
Tender in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Greece has launched a program to exploit its oil and gas reserves, spurred on by
its protracted financial crisis and encouraged  by a similar venture from Cyprus
which got international support and protection.
US Naval Base at Souda, Crete, prominent in Trump-Tsipras meeting
1st October 2017  via
Tornos News — Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will visit Washington between
October 15 and 18, accepting an invitation from  Donald Trump, with a meeting
scheduled  with the US at the White House on 17 October .

Discussions at the meeting are expected to focus on the migrant crisis and
developments in the Balkans and Middle East, as well as the strategic importance
of the US base at Souda Bay on Crete.

The strategic significance of the base has increased for the US in light of the
recent instability in Turkey. An official announcement on the matter is expected
from the White House, reports said.

The  US has called for a five-year agreement to be signed between the two
countries for the base and the Americans are eager to clinch the deal.
Ryanair cancels more flights – ALL Chania winter routes affected
27 September 2017  apokoronasnewss,gr

Ryanair announced on Wednesday 27 September that ‘it will slow its growth this
winter (Nov 17 to Mar 18), by flying 25 less aircraft’ from November, and 10 fewer
aircraft from April 2018. By reducing its flying schedule in this manner Ryanair
claims that it will eliminate all risk of further flight cancellations, because slower
growth creates lots of spare aircraft and crews across Ryanair’s 86 bases this
The temporary suspension of 34 routes over the winter, includes flights from
London Stansted to Edinburgh and Glasgow, Gatwick to Belfast, Newcastle to
Faro, and Glasgow to Las Palmas, and
all flights  from  Chania to Athens,
Thessaloniki and Pafos .
Culture ministry deems university squat a ‘space for social activities’
27 September 2017  ekathimerini

A building belonging to the University of Crete in Hania that has been used as a
squat by anarchists since 2004 is a “space for social and leisure activities for
residents and visitors,” the Culture Ministry said in a decision sent to its Central
Council for Modern Monuments.

The decision effectively legitimates the building’s occupation as a “social activity,”
preventing the university from expelling the squatters and moving ahead with the
building’s privatization, even though it has already held a tender and found an

The building in Hania’s old town which is part of a 19th century military complex
has been under occupation since 2004 by a group calling itself Rosa Nera.
Squatters have reacted violently in the past to efforts to carry out repairs to the
New rules on illegal construction more lenient
24th September 2017 ekathimerini

Homeowners found to be in violation of building regulations will be able to pay their
fine in 80 installments instead of 60 as is the case today, and may pay as much as
60 percent less than current rates for minor infringements, a plan submitted by the
Environment Ministry to lawmakers foresees.

The new legislation will also allow owners of large buildings or who have made
major additions that are in violation of zoning laws to purchase additional square
meterage in order to legalize their property.
Mid-season sales start on November 1st in Greece

The mid-season sales begin in Greece on Wednesday, 1st November and
end on Wednesday, 15th November..

Stores can open on Sunday, 5 November from 11:00 to 18:00,
Storm Daedalus causes  major disruption – damage to roads and
businesses in Chania
27th October 2017  via
Storm  Daedalus hit Chania yesterday leaving behind it disruption and damage to
the road network and many businesses. The emergency services were stretched
totreceiving capacity,  receiving dozens of calls for help from people in flooded
basements and others trapped in their cars.

The estimated rainfall  was 230 mm of rain for the day at  8pm in Platanias west of
Chania, one of the worst affected areas. (1mm of rain represents 1lt of water per
sq metre)

Kladisos was also hit hard with 190mm of rain  while in Kolymbari the level of
rainfall was estimated at 160 mm

In Apokoronas east of Chania the amount of rain reached 160 mm of which 120
were recorded within the space of 2 hours in late morning.
Ambassador meets British residents in Chania
27th October 2017  via
The British ambassador to Greece, Kate Smith, met with British residents in Chania on
Thursday, following meetings with Chania Deputy Governor Voulgarakis and Chania Mayor
Claire Frangakis, British consul general  in Heraklion was also present.
At the meeting,  attended by a number of  British residents in Crete who braved the
torrential rain, Ms Smith assured British residents that protecting the rights of British citizens
living in EU countries in relation to pensions, health provision and work  is a priority for the  
British government.
At the local level,  Ms Fragakis is talking with the Greek authorities to improve the flow of
information and  communications with the British residents of Crete.
She also discussed the possibilities of using a social media platform to update the British
residents of any Brexit developments. You can sign-up for email alerts to receive updates to
Brexit pages on here as the negotiations progress.
Oscar-winning cinematographer Walter Lassally dies on Crete
23rd  October 2017
(AP) Hospital officials on Greece's island of Crete say German-born
cinematographer Walter Lassally, who won an Academy Award for the 1964 movie
Zorba the Greek, has died following complications from surgery. He was 90.

Lassally lived outside the city of Hania, near the beach that served as the
backdrop for the movie's final scene with actors Anthony Quinn and Alan Bates
dancing to the music of Zorba the Greek.

Lassally moved to London as a boy, a refugee from Nazi Germany. He worked on
dozens of movies, including the British comedy Tom Jones in 1963 and the drama
Heat and Dust, directed by James Ivory 20 years later.

Hania mayor Tassos Vamvoukas expressed "deep sadness" at Lassally's death.
Air Mediterranean Announces Seven New Routes from Athens
October 2017  GTP Trvel News
Air Mediterranean Airlines has announced the launch of new scheduled direct
routes between Athens and seven destinations in Europe, the Middle East and

As of November 1, the Athens-based carrier will be flying non-stop from the Greek
capital to
London, Stockholm, Jeddah, Casablanca, Khartoum, Baghdad and Erbil.

Ticket prices from Athens to London and Stockholm start from 85 euros, including
airport taxes and fees.

Air Mediterranean was established in 2015 with the mission to efficiently meet the
demand for passenger and cargo service linking under-served destinations in the
Middle East and Africa to Europe through Greece, as a centrally located hub.
Kate Smith