Kalo Horio Electrician/Plumber/Handy person /Volunteers needed

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Kalo Horio Electrician/Plumber/Handy person /Volunteers needed

Postby Avyi » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:58 am

Me again! :D

Any retired, or other?, people who can give a little time to help out at the Bronx Familia Animal shelter near Kalo Horio, Hersonisos area please?

Due to new Gov instructions we now need to install Electricity (previously they said not allowed, not its a must!), and improve the plumbing, along with other jobs, fencing, kennel and shelter work. Even give materials as it all costs money and this is an entirely not for profit charity.

Please - if anyone can help. We really need this soon as there are over 170 rescued dogs there now and Nikos does all work himself- unless his many ex-pat mates visit from overseas, or some who live here already help out. There is a timeline before the Gov will close down this wonderful place.
It doesn't bare thinking about what would happen to all these rescued and much loved souls if we cant save it.

Many thanks Dawn

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