General advice & recommendations please.

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Re: General advice & recommendations please.

Postby Kookla » Sun May 16, 2021 6:45 pm

I stand corrected, my apologies NikkiC! Warwick is correct. The agricultural water has a ‘mineral’ taste, they are both drinkable. Many do drink agricultural water, with no ill effect. Although bottled water is cheap here. I used to have only Ag water at my house and it was fine for boiling for veg, coffee etc. I used to buy bottled water to drink. Now we have both Ag and village, so have the choice, which is good when one or the other gets cut, for whatever reason.
Would also second Supercars on the motor mile - Souda Road and George in Vamos.

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Re: General advice & recommendations please.

Postby Kilkis » Sun May 16, 2021 7:24 pm

People's opinions on water always vary widely. There was a village near where I lived in northern Greece appropriately called Metaliko because it had a natural spring. About 50 % of the population swore that it was a cure for all ills and cars used to turn up with dozens of empty water bottles in the boot and fill them from the spring. The other 50 % claimed that the water was polluted by all the chemicals that farmers put on their crops and one mouthful would probably kill you.

When I was having my house built I considered putting in a water softener so the developer got a company to analyse the domestic water and quote for a suitable system. As well as analysing the mineral content they also did an analysis for harmful bacteria and found that there was some in the water so they proposed a UV sterilisation system as well as the water softener. I asked how many people per week from the village were being rushed to hospital with food poisoning. He said that as far as he knew nobody ever had been. I declined their kind offer.


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Re: General advice & recommendations please.

Postby Stavros21 » Tue May 18, 2021 7:12 am

Hi NikkiC,

I take it you are a post Brexit arrival.

Did you apply for your National Visa in the UK?

I'd love to hear your experience with obtaining residency as a Third Country National.

I had planned to complete my move before the end of 2020 and have all the necessary paperwork in place, however 'Wuhan' messed that up :(.

Best wishes,


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